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Instructions on how to turn on your Aromaplan for the first time ⬇️


☑️Plug in the diffuser in the power outlet.

1. Press the button “ENT” softly for 3-4 seconds
2- now reset it by pressing the “BACK " & ">" button, at the same time, for 3 seconds.
FYI: Make sure you see the message: “DO YOU WANT TO RESET THE DIFUSER?” And select YES ☑️

⬇️Now you just need to turn it in ON again, using one of the methods.

☑️Plug in the diffuser in the power outlet.


☑️Use the app : "Aroma Link" to connect via bluetooth using the password 1234.

Use the settings and set up according to your needs.

Relax and enjoy your Aromaplan!

Note : if you already turn on and heard a BIP and then the machine turned off. It’s ok ! You just need to follow the steps above

Anything, please email, and we will get back to you urgently.

Click and download the APP Operation Manual - DAP 101 / 102

Available on iOS and Android

Click on your diffuser image to download the manual

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