AP014 -  Rose Petal Mist
AP014 -  Rose Petal Mist
AP014 -  Rose Petal Mist
AP014 -  Rose Petal Mist
AP014 -  Rose Petal Mist
AP014 -  Rose Petal Mist
AP014 -  Rose Petal Mist
AP014 -  Rose Petal Mist

    AP014 - Rose Petal Mist

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    Olfactive Family: Floral
    The scent evokes the sublime caress of roses with a sensual hint of amber.

    The effect is sophisticated, involving and intoxicating.

    Rose Petal and Jasmine

    Orange Flower and Peony

    Sandalwood, Amber and Musk

    It produces a relaxing and soothing sensory experience, helping to relieve stress and anxiety and to unwind after a day’s work.

    Size: 5.95 Fl Oz (176ml)

    ☘️ Less Stress More Happiness

    Did you know  that perfumes stimulate your body to release endorphins? Experience the sensory benefits of our aromas, reducing stress, anxiety & tiredness and increasing focus, happiness & relaxation. EFFORTLESSLY improve your mood and performance with AromaPlan scents.


    ☘️ All Natural & High Quality

    Our scents are MADE IN THE USA with pure and raw materials. All AromaPlan's oils are natural, vegan, and free of solvents, petroleum derivatives and other potentially dangerous chemicals, such as propellants found in aerosol sprays.


    ☘️ Luxurious Scent & Feel

    Unlike other cheap brands of aromatherapy oils that smell artificial and make the air feel heavy, AromaPlan's fragrances feature elevated concentrations of essential oils and natural aromas that guarantee a FRESH, NATURAL & LUXURIOUS scent that will make you feel like you're in a 5-star hotel!


    ☘️ Safe & Eco-Friendly

    The AromaPlan fragrance oil is completely safe for PETS & KIDS so you can enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of our perfumes without any of the worrying. Our scent oils are non-flammable and eco-friendly.


    ☘️ Pair it With the Best Diffuser

    Our perfume oils are best paired with the AromaPlan essential oil nebulizer - our high-tech scent air machine for home, office or commercial spaces, that evenly distributes your favorite aromas to areas up to 1,500 Sq Ft, spending only 1ml per hour of use! 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Joao Santasofia
    The best scent

    The best scent I’ve ever used and my house is super scented. I recommend it to everyone.

    Julia Garcia

    The aroma is outstanding! Now my go-to. Soft, not too flowery or feminine. As soon as I opened the first order, I placed a second order so I would be prepared with a replacement. A bit pricey but worth it in your favorite room

    Fresh Aroma!

    I love the freshness of the Rose Petal Mist scent! I loved how evenly it scented my home so quickly! It is the perfect amount for myself and my dog seems to enjoy it as well, no sneezing or sign he's not enjoying it as much as everyone that walks into the home. I'm looking forward to trying the other scents!!